Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tours - My Home Away from Home

I'm back in Tours, and I really feel like I made the best decision to return. My classmates were surprised, but excited, to see me Tuesday morning. They were all eager to hear what I did à la ferme, and I've picked up the nickname Annie de la Compagne. I went to my favorite Boulangerie, Hardouin, for lunch and ate my favorite sandwhich - mozzarella and sun-dried tomato with the best bread I think I've ever eaten.

I came back just in time to celebrate Martine's birthday yesterday. What a treat! I gave her a jar of dried tomatoes in oil that I made on the farm. Martine, Ayumi, and I have already made plans to go mushroom hunting this weekend. Wish us luck! We're hoping for a good harvest because it was hot yesterday and it poured today - perfect conditions for mushrooms.

I've found a new host mom, Barbara. She happens to be a friend and colleague of Martine's. Martine recommended her to me, so I'm hoping for a good match. Barbara also has a 15 year old son, and the two apparently like to talk a lot which means I will have a lot of practice with my French. Pierre and Ayumi both know Barbara and gave her a good report as well. I'll probably make the move to Barbara's this weekend. I'll be really sad to leave Martine (again), but at least I'm in Tours, which has become my home away from home. She lives a little far from the school, 30 minutes on foot (I've been spoiled at Martine's with 5 minutes on foot), but Martine said she has a bike that I can borrow. All I need now is a baguette strapped to the back of the bike, and I'll be a real French girl. If I'm lucky it'll be a classic Peugot!


  1. Congratulations on the sounded like it was getting dreadful! Good luck with your new host family! Your writing is excellent and we are enjoying your blogs!

  2. Annie,

    Your parents gave us your blog url before we left Corvallis. Have finally had a moment to log on and read it - your adventure on the farm must have been trying but is probably now memorable and amusing!!

    We're getting settled into Poitiers - Malia is in a small Catholic school and we are trying to find a French tutor for her. We also have her enrolled in the Music conservatory so that she can continue her trumpet.

    Larry has an office at the University of Poitiers and is beginning to get settled in there and I begin teaching my online class at OSU in a week.

    We're only an hour south of you, so perhaps we can get together sometime - Poitiers is a lovely small town and full of lots of students. Here is our email address:

    Send us your email and contact info!

    Haven't written to your parents yet but I think they start their Grand Canyon adventure this week??

    Nous esperons te voir!!

    Laurie, Larry and Malia Becker