Monday, August 9, 2010


Did I mention I love the food here? As if that's a surprise... Everything I've tasted here has been delicious, even the food from the supermarches. Martine made boudin blanc the other night (also delicious) with canned vegetables. I was skeptical, but even they tasted better than those in the states.

There are open air markets somewhere in the city almost every day of the week. Tours also has its own Les Halles, where I often go for lunch.

Berries from one of the markets.

Une Pizza - my lunch from Les Halles.

It's all I can do to keep myself from walking into every Boulangerie and Patisserie...

Sables "Sourire": "Smiling" Cookie

Martine really spoils Ayumi and I as well. She wants us to try everything! She went shopping Saturday and bought us a treat at one of the Patisseries: 1 gigantic raspberry macaron, 1 gigantic double-decker chocolat macaron, and a chocolat mousse cake. I've been walking a lot since that night...

Saturday Night Dessert

As if the macarons from "Mario's Big World" weren't enough, Martine made us baked apples Sunday night. She put the apples on a piece of bread sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. She cored the apples and stuffed them with salted butter and probably more cinnamon sugar. While those were baking in the oven, she made caramel on the stove top and then drizzled it over the apples. C'etais incroyable!

Sunday Night Dessert


  1. So jealous! Looks like you're taking full advantage of your time there - glad to see it!

    Definitely vicariously enjoying France through your posts - keep 'em coming.


  2. What I wonder is, what are you going to do for dieting? I am already packing. When you are moving out we are taking over your room - and your cook!

  3. Dieting...not really possible here. Besides there being too many delicious things to try, Martine loves spoiling Ayumi and I with goodies. My only saving grace is that I have to walk everywhere.