Sunday, August 8, 2010

Le Brasserie Bure

Martine didn't feel like cooking one of the nights earlier this week. She also wanted to thank Ayumi and I for helping her mother move, so she took us out to the restaurant that is literally under my bedroom window. Throughout the day I can listen and watch the cycle of the restaurant. In the morning as I'm getting ready for school, they set up the tables outside. The conversations gradually increase from lunch to dinner. As I prepare for bed, the activity begins to die down, and finally the waiters begin to close everything up as I fall asleep.

It was fun getting to be a part of the restaurant I'm always looking at. Their specialty is seafood which was made apparent to Ayumi and I when, from my bedroom window, we could see huge multi-tiered platers brought out to the tables with crab, mussels, oysters, clams, and shrimp.
The view of the resaurant from my bedroom window.

Martine, Ayumi, and I all ordered the same mussel dish but each prepared slightly differently. All of the mussels were steamed in a butter, wine sauce but mine with parsley, Ayumi's with curry, and Martine's with Roquefort. All were delicious. Our mussels were served in large black pots with the word moules on the side. For utensils, we were only each given a gigantic spoon. Martine noticing my look of confusion explained how to eat the mussels. You take one mussel with your fingers, open it slightly and eat the meat. Then you use that mussel sort of like chopsticks to pick the meat out of the rest of the mussels.

Once we made our way through the majority of the mussels, Martine explained that the gigantic spoon was for the leftover sauce on the bottom of the pot (basically just butter). Then she took some of her frites, dropped them in the butter sauce, and ladled them up with her spoon. "For the Gourmandes", she said.


  1. I'm surprised you didn't get bread to soak up all the broth from the mussels. That's what we do. Maybe I got that from eating mussels in Sardinia.

  2. I remember seeing thos multi tiered seafood platters in Brittany - fruits de mer, I think

  3. We were given bread but didn't eat it because we already had french fries. The French love their bread but there's always a limit!

  4. I never heard of mussels with Roquefort, but it sounds delicious, we are going to try this the next time. And the way top eat them is also new to me, neat!