Monday, August 23, 2010

Les Sables Beurre de Cacahuetes

I wandered into the salon this afternoon and saw Ayumi and Martine studying a recipe on her computer. Martine asked me, “Peanut butter cookies, do you know them?”. “Mais oui, bien sur!” was my response. We have half a jar of peanut butter at the house that was purchased due to the grandiose discussion on PB&Js a couple weeks ago. (And did I mention the jar cost 5 Euros?!) I’m not sure who, but either Ayumi or Martine knew what peanut butter cookies were and wanted to make them.

I was intrigued by watching a French woman make an American dessert, so I offered to help. It was sort of a surreal experience. All Americans know what peanut butter cookies are and have at some point made them or watched them be made. Martine said this was the first time she’d ever made them and was asking my advice on the process. When we got to the part of forming the cookies, I showed her and Ayumi how to flatten the cookies with a glass and then make the cross hatch marks with a fork. Martine doesn’t own a cookie pan, so we baked them in her large tart pans.

They turned out pretty good, although a bit undercooked. Martine was pleased and said she’d have to make them again sometime for her friends who she thought would be quite impressed! This from the woman who turns out beautiful tarts, cakes, and other decadent desserts I hope to be lucky enough to try.

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