Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cate Cafe Cafe!

Oh la vache! I am drinking so much coffee! Coffee for breakfast, coffee for lunch, midafternoon coffee, coffee after dinner. It never stops. In the morning we drink cafe au lait with breakfast (coffee with milk). If we have a sit down lunch with Martine (during the week, Ayumi and I eat in town), we have un cafe after the meal, which is a small very strong cup of coffee. You can have it avec sucre if you prefer. If I stop at a cafe in the afternoon, I find myself taking another cafe. After dinner, bien sur, another cafe. I'm so hopped up on caffeine by the time I go to bed, that it takes hours to fall asleep! Oh well. C'est normale.
Les petit tasses that we drink our cafes in a la maison (I love these!). My Franglais is pretty good, n'est pas? And below...le sucre


  1. Maybe you could at least eliminate the after dinner coffee.... but on the other hand , when in France.....

  2. So, what DOES a la vache mean anyway? Mom