Saturday, July 31, 2010

More Delicious Food

At the Garlic Festival earlier this week, Ayumi and I told Martine about the different sausage we saw. One of the types was boudin noir. It's the French version of blood sausage. It is a specialty of the region, so... Martine bought some boudin noir and we had it for dinner a few nights ago. It was delicious! She served it was sauteed apples. She doesn't like it herself, but made it for us anyway so that we could try it. So nice! There is also a boudin blanc. I saw she bought that as well, so I'm hoping we'll have it next week.

Martine made a plum tart for dessert tonight. Very good. She said that for the preparation of the custard, she added a little Eau de Vie (very strong liquor) and did a flambee. Very interesting.


  1. Bopudin noir avec sucre - oh la la. J'aime la.

  2. Mmmmm! I think You've inspired me to make a plum tart tonight.

  3. Some friends said "Annie's really into food, isn't she!"