Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mo Mo

Mo Mo is le chat de la maison. She is a tiny but extremely curious and mischevious cat. Mo Mo often provides the entertainment for Martine, Ayumi, and I. Often times, after dinner, while drinking our cafes, we will sit at the table, attempt to converse in French, and watch Mo Mo chase feathers. Mo Mo enjoys sleeping in my lap and "hunting" me. She has peed on Ayumi's bed three times in the last few days...not good. Mo Mo also enjoys sitting in the kitchen sink, drinking water from the faucet, chasing insects, and trying to sneak her way out onto the windoww sill. Martine will then promptly scold Mo Mo and say, "C'est trop dangereux pour un petit chat!"

Mo Mo has been acting very strangely the last few days (peeing on Ayumi's bed among other things...). When I commented on the cat's behavior the first day, I thought Martine replyed with a joke that Mo Mo's was in love. I made another comment yesterday because Mo Mo's been meowing like crazy and just acting weird. Martine provided the same response, but this time I understood...Mo Mo is in heat. The French call it something like "a time of love"... Martine does not speak any english, so misunderstandings are a common occurance.

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