Monday, July 26, 2010

On plane # 2, 7/24 9:08am (France time!)

45 minutes until we land at CDG. I feel pretty good. I got a few hours of sleep, and I've already had some coffee. I'm listening to Florence & The Machine to pump myself up for the next stage of my trip - getting on the TGV. Last night while trying to coax myself to sleep, I was reading the TGV section of my Savoir Flare book. I am now acutely aware of the difficulties of finding the correct train, car, and seat. Apparently, there are no signs anywhere, but no worries. The author's advice is just to ask someone. This is also what Meggie told me, so I will be sure to do this. I hope I don't have trouble stowing my pack wherever it is I'm supposed to do that on the train.

I had a slight scare in Dallas/Fort Worth where I made my connection. We landed and immediately started seeing buckets of water spilling down the sides of the windows as well as flashes of lightening followed quickly by thunder. We taxied about halfway to the gate and stopped. The ramp workers had all deserted to escape the storm. The airport had come to a standstill until the storm passed. I only had 50min until my next flight took off. Were the departing flights delayed as well? Probably... Hopefully... They must be, right? But by how much? We roll into the gate about 30min later. I have about 15min to find my gate. With a frantic search of the teleprompter and a little running I find the gate with time to spare. On the plus side, I got the blood rushing through my body with all the running, so I feel a bit less stiff for the long flight over the Atlantic!

And sorry if there are any spelling mistakes. The spell check is in French, so it thinks everything is misspelled!

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