Saturday, July 31, 2010

Chateau Chinon

I visited Chateau Chinon last Friday with my language school, Tours Langues. They have excursions every Friday. Chateau Chinon has been under construction for restoration for a very long time and just reopenend last week. There is a lot of history at the chateau, most notably it being the place where Joan of Arc visited the Dauphin of France, Charles VII.

Chateau Chinon

Only one wall remains of the part of the chateau where Joan of Arc visited the Dauphin.

From another view

This is the place where Joan of Arc slept. I think pigeons also slept in those holes, but perhaps something was lost in translation...
The group that visited the chateau consisted of one of the teachers (Annick), 5 Japanese girls, and me. We took a few group photos, and I'm sure I looked totally out of place. I'm looking forward to seeing them. Annick spoke fairly fast and with few hand gestures. I think most of these grils are in her class and are at a higher French level. They didn't seem to have much trouble understanding Annick, but Ayumi told me later that they may have just been nodding their heads a lot...
Anyways, regardless of not understanding all the history of Chateau Chinon, it was very interesting and fun. We also walked down into the medieval village of Chinon to check out the architecture and the shops.

The view of the village of Chinon from the chateau
The medieval architecture and Annick explaining something to us (in French).

The street that led Joan of Arc (Jeanne D'Arc) and her horse up to the chateau to find the Dauphin.

Ancient door

And even a little influence from the U.S.

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